Meet the president of Virtue Financial Advisors, Jeremy Rettich.

Jeremy Rettich is the President at Virtue Advisors and Virtue Capital Management. He is also an independent financial advisor and has a personal practice Virtue Financial Advisors, LLC focused on retirement planning and investments. His personal practice is based in Nashville TN, where he has helped pre-retirees and retirees plan their financial futures for many years. Jeremy specializes in showing clients how to take control of their future IRA tax liability, creating an income plan for life and leveraging the tax code to maximize their children’s, grandchildren’s and heirs inheritance through estate planning. While many of his clients do not initially understand how their money is invested and how it can work for them to accomplish their current and future goals, Jeremy provides them with the additional education needed on those unfamiliar subjects. He also works closely with a team of CPAs and Elder Law Attorneys to implement a true holistic financial plan for each of his clients.

Several news stations regularly interview Jeremy Rettich for market updates, retirement advice and financial strategies.



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